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BIBLE RADIO BOOK is your online radio station for listening to audio-book style Bible readings all day, every day ! Listen for enjoyment or as a great way to do Bible study. The Bible version on this station is the 'World English Bible'. Learn more about this modern bible version by visiting Www.Worldenglish.Bible


In addition the continuous Bible readings we also have other entertaining features including "God Tracker" with your host Dudley Anderson. Hear a great God Tracker 1-minute feature every half-hour during our broadcast day.


If you enjoy reading the Bible to others and wish to be heard worldwide on this station, we welcome you to record Bible chapters using any simple home recording device, such as a recorder app on your phone. If you wish to be a volunteer reader, use the "Contact Us" page an we will give you simple instructions to send us your recorded audio files.


Bible Radio Book is available to listen to on some of the most popular streaming radio apps such as Tunein Radio, Streema, SimpleRadio, LiveRadio.IE, Receiver Radio, Raddio and Custom Radio Player. Get those apps from Playstore, APKpure.Com or Apple Apps. If you know other radio directory apps you would like to see Bible Radio Book added to, let us know ! NOTE: for using 'Custom Radio Player' after you install it, contact us and ask for our stream url needed for app.

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